Solving “The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem” Windows Update error

Today at work I had to restore over 50 computers from disk image (made with Norton/Symantec Ghost). All computers but one restored successfully. One computer had a bit different hardware so we need to update drivers for it manually. First place I look for device drivers is Windows Updates therefore I’ve tried to run it (BTW, the computer I’m talking about was running Windows XP SP3). The problem was that when I had pressed either “Custom” or “Express”, Windows Update page showed me the following error with the error code 0xC80003FA:

The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below might help you solve the problem.polvam

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Look Ma, I’m using PowerShell


Couple of days ago I’ve decided to filter some of my music and upload it to my HTC HD2. I was using Windows Media Player (WMP) for that. I haven’t noticed that WMP converted all uploaded songs to WMA. Problem was that many of uploaded files were unable to play on my phone (neither by using HTC Player nor WMMP). I decided to upload all my favorite songs (ones I’ve already filtered before) one more time but this time directly to my MicroSD card as MP3. The worst thing was that I haven’t all my filtered songs (well just the ones in WMA and that’s not what I need). What makes it more complicated is that many of my songs ware stored as FLACs on my HDD, therefore I would need to convert them manually to. I couldn’t call myself an IT guy if I wouldn’t come up with idea to write a script to automatize entire process of filtering, converting and copying all songs I want to have on my phone to one place. Continue reading

Is Windows Mobile the most open mobile operating system today?

Windows Mobile newbie

During last couple of years I had a chance to try almost every popular mobile operating system. That includes Symbian on N95, iOS on iPod Touch and Android on HTC Hero. Couple of weeks ago I’ve got lucky and got HTC HD2 phone with Windows Mobile 6.5. The phone itself is awesome: screen size, CPU speed, memory etc. But this time I would like to write a little review about Windows Mobile and not the phone itself, since this is my first time with this mobile operating system.

Despite the fact I’ve never tried Windows Mobile before, I’ve always thought that it sucks. From the pictures from the internet I’ve got impression that this mobile OS doesn’t’ look good, doesn’t run smoothly and doesn’t have any good software. Well first ones might be correct till 6.5 version of Windows Mobile. Currently it is pretty nice (mostly thanks to HTC Sense). Despite the looks and the feel what impressed me the most is how open this operating system is. Continue reading