Configuring Live@Edu access via POP3/IMAP

This year we started to deploy Microsoft Live@Edu service at our university. It not easy to make all students to switch to Live@Edu. Many of them already have other emails (included our university official one). One thing some students (me included) would like to do is to add their new Live@Edu email account to Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email client. Of course, Live@Edu provides Exchange email account which is easy to add to those email clients. Problem is if you want to add this account to GMail or Live Mail since you have to know all the POP3/IMAP settings. So, if anyone would like to add their Live@Edu email via POP3 or IMAP, there are the settings. Continue reading

Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer

Since I was working with PHP and WEB development in general for a quite time (about 5 years), I really wanted to get myself the PHP Zend certificate. The problem was that I either haven’t enough time or free money for the exam. Couple months ago I’ve got lucky when Zend started beta certification for PHP 5.3. I filled the online survey and got selected to get this examination for free.

There wasn’t much time for the preparation since I had two weeks till my scheduled exam. Good thing was that I had Zend PHP 5 Certification Study Guide book read before. Because of that and the skills I had from the past PHP development I was quite confident with my general PHP knowledge. The problem was that I haven’t done any project with version 5.3 of PHP in particular. So what I did was reading a few blogs and watching presentations about new features of PHP 5.3 (namespaces, lambda functions, late static binding etc). As I mentioned before, when I was thinking about Zend certification year ago, I was sure I’m going to get at least couple test vouchers but this time I decided not to spend money on them. Continue reading