Dear reader,

as the title here says, my name is Tomas Dabasinskas and this is my blog. Actually, this is an updated version of my blog which looks completely different (I love Metro UI). Despite the new design, the idea behind the blog is to have a place to share my knowledge, achievements, ideas and some other things. The only thing I can promise you will not find here is news about products, services and other technical things – there are already plenty of blogs for that kind of information.

So, about me…

I am 23-year old technology enthusiast from Lithuania, a small Europe country near the Baltic sea. I love IT. I mean, there are so many interesting technologies, services, applications I want to try or already did. I used to do a lot of WEB development for more than five years. Some of those years were spend doing freelancing while others – officially working as programmer.

Few years ago I switched from to completely different side of IT – I have started my IT Pro career as Windows administrator. That relates to my always enjoying doing troubleshooting, deployments and configurations. That also was one of the factors which led me to becoming Microsoft MVP in Windows Expert category. Oh, and even I do not count myself as a developer anymore, I still like to do some coding sometimes. Also, programming skills from the past helps my quite often while performing my IT Pro tasks.

Besides the things I have already mentioned, there are few other things I really like to do. One of them is public speaking. I really like doing presentations. Whether I am good or bad at it – it is another question. Still, I enjoy doing that. Some other things I enjoy too includes traveling and reading. I guess my blog categories reflects that quite well.

Contact me

If you find any reason to contact me, feel free to use the form on the “Contact” page. Also, if you are interested in more details about me (such as job experience, education etc.), you can check my LinkedIn profile or my public curriculum vitae.