After TechEd Europe 2010

It’s been 3 days already when TechEd Europe 2010 is over, but since I’ve got home in the late yesterday’s evening, I’m going to shortly share my experience now.

So, as one of the most active Microsoft Student Partners in Lithuania, I had an opportunity to go TechEd Europe 2010 conference, organized by Microsoft. Since it was the first time I was participating in such a big event, it was very nice experience for me.


Before the TechEd, I’ve made a great list of sessions to attend. I was thinking of going to every each session and keep all session slots filled. Despite this effort I was unable to go to all sessions I wanted. Some sessions I’ve missed because of lack of time, while other ones – just to get some rest. Anyhow, most of the sessions I’ve attended I really liked. I’m not going to review all of them, but the ones that are worth mentioning are ones by Mark Russinovich. Damn this guy is amazing. Speaking at such high technical level and being funny and not boring at the same time – that’s something not every speaker can do.


One of the best things at the TechEd is networking. At the first day we have MSP meeting. We also had MSP dinner couple of days after. It was nice to talk with fellow MSPs from other Europe countries, such as Estonia, Argentina, Spain etc. We also had couple of local meetings. On Wednesday there was Windows Phone 7 product group party with amazing networking opportunities. Oh, and being able to discuss with Microsoft product groups (Forefront, Windows Phone, Office, Windows etc) was nice, too.


There were lots of Microsoft Partners and Microsoft product groups at TechEd presenting their products and giving away various goodies. At the picture above you can see all the stuff I’ve got on the first day. Most stuff isn’t very useful, but there are some nice T-shirts I’m willing to wear next summer.

Despite all those small things I’ve got, I also was the lucky one who won Windows Phone 7 device at Windows Phone 7 party I’ve mention before. Thank you guys for this amazing present. As I’ve promised, I’m going to create an app as soon as I get access to the Marketplace.


Not only it was my first time at the TechEd, but it also was the first time I visited Germany/Berlin. Despite the fact that we stayed a bit longer (9 days) then most other TechEd attendees we still haven’t enough time to visit lot of places. I really wanted to visit Madame Tussauds museum, zoo and many other places but because of lack of time we ware not able to. But from what I saw, I really liked Berlin.

So, thank you MICROSOFT for this event and opportunity to attend there.


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