After TechEd Europe 2012

It was quite an amazing week I had – spending whole week at Amsterdam, 26-29 days I was attending Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 conference. Actually, it’s not the first time I’m attending the conference – I was also there two years ago, during TechEd Europe 2010 which took place in Berlin (I’ve already reviewed it on my blog). There are so many impressions I have after this year TechEd so I’ll try sharing few of them with you.

We had two keynotes during the conference.visualcage

The Tuesday keynote was dedicated to the cloud and new Windows Server 2012. We could see Mark Russinonivich talking about Azure and Scott Guthrie doing some live coding on the scene.

The Wednesday keynote was dedicate for Windows 8. We heard about revolution of Windows OS, reasons behind big changes made in Windows 8. We also so some demos, showing “Windows To Go” feature, application development for Windows 8 and other.

Of course, the key of the conference was technical sessions. There were more then 420 sessions by Microsoft employees, MVPs and representatives from other companies.

There was a wide spectrum of topics to choose from, but you could feel the following trending ones there:

Of course it was impossible to attend all the sessions I wanted. I’m still planning to watch the ones I’ve missed online on Channel 9.

And as in TechEd Europe 2010, I can say that the sessions I’ve liked most were the ones by Mark Russinovich:

TechExpo is a place where you Microsoft partners and product groups are presenting their products. It was interesting to hear about various technologies and products companies have. Also, I had few great chats with Windows Phone and Windows product groups.

As in all TechEd conferences, there was Hands-On-Lab zone this year too. Basically, it’s a place where you can sit and try implementing some tasks practically with assistance of trainers walking around.

Personally, due to long time time it takes, I was able to try only one lab – implementation of VDI on Windows Server 2012. Also, it was the first time I tried Windows 8 on touchscreen monitor.

One of the new things in this year TechEd was ability to take some Microsoft certification beta exams for free. So, I’ve sacrificed few sessions for taking the following exams:

The third one on this list is a bit offtopic here. But, hey, since it’s a free one, why shouldn’t I took a shoot on it? Since I’ve done a lot of WEB development before, the exam was fairly easy for me. Too bad I’ll have to wait for results of those exams for two months at least.

New thing in this year TechEd was a delegate party we had on Wednesday evening. It took place in large Amsterdam Arena. Each of the country had their own table to sit and chat for a while. There were ~16 guys from Lithuania so it was nice meeting them all. Also, on those big screens you see in the photo above we were watching a football match with lot’s of drinks and snacks.

So, as I’ve already said, I really had a great and meaningful time on the TechEd Europe 2012. Thank you, Microsoft, for this amazing event!


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