Installing Windows 8 in UEFI mode from USB

After deciding I want to install Windows 8 in UEFI mode on my new ThinkPad X230T laptop, I found out that it’s not such a straightforward task, especially when USB is used instead of DVD.

So, if your computer supports UEFI (you can find out that by checking the manual or system config menu) and you are planning to do fresh installation of Windows 8, you can do that in UEFI mode following the steps below:

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Few registry tweaks for Office 2013 Customer Preview

Microsoft Office 2013 Consumer Preview was released this week and now it is available to download for free.

Even I was a bit skeptical when the new version was presented during live press event, after trying it myself I can say I really like it. The interface looks nice (I would love to try it on a touch screen), cloud integration with SkyDrive is great and I bet some of the new features added to this version (like automatic text-to-columns function in Excel) will definitely come in handy. Anyhow, this post is not a review of the new version of Office. This time I would like to share some registry tweaks that might come in handy if you are planning to use or already using the Customer Preview version of Office 2013. Continue reading

Enable FLAC support on Windows 8

Windows has been lacking of FLAC support since the very first version. For those who do not know, FLAC is an open lossless audio format. Even Microsoft supports many audio formats out of the box, FLAC was never supported and it is still not even in Windows 8. And since Windows 8 already hit RC version, it is very unlikely we see the support implemented in the RTM version, even users <a href="" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', ' .com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-sound/metro-music-include-flac-codec-before-rtm/69d0e115-41bc-4473-97cd-58ac615a58cb?msgId=07315c50-6bd7-4143-b289-e91c8605e9b5′, ‘are’);”>are requesting for that.

Even currently there is nothing you can do to get FLAC support in Windows 8 Music application (due to no support of additional codecs), there is still something you can do to get FLAC support in Windows File Explorer and Windows Media Player.

If you are planning to listen your FLAC collection using Windows Media Player, there are two things you will need:rpk-tramplin

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WordPress permalinks on IIS 7.0

As I mentioned earlier, one of the problems I have faced during migration of my blog to IIS was getting permalinks to work. Actually, in most cases users should not face any problems with that – WordPress has already prepared a guide to get the permalinks working under IIS. It should work in most cases. Unfortunately, my case was a bit different.

Thing was that my WordPress is not installed on the root of my host. I wanted to preserve the same strategy I used on my older (Linux) host:reteks

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Installing Udpxy on Synology DS411

Browsing the Internet I’ve found nice peace of software called Udpxy. Since I already have IPTV and NAS (Synology DS411), I decided it would be nice to have this software running on my NAS because that would allow me to watch my IPTV from any place, even on slow networks or places where IGMP is unsupported.

I you want to have this software running on your NAS, proceed with the following steps: Continue reading