New email service from Microsoft –

This week Microsoft launched a replacement for their Hotmail email service  – Outlook. All existing Hotmail/Live users can automatically start using the new service, while the ones who hadn’t the account before can sign up here.

The interface of is Metro style Windows 8 style, which makes it much beautiful, cleaner and easy to use when compared to old one:

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“Generate a system health report” tool in “Windows 7” should be updated

“Windows 7” operating system has an ability to generate a system health report. This function could be invoked by command perfmon /report or found at:

"Control Panel" -> "Performance Information and Tools" -> "Advanced Tools" (on the right) -> "Generate a system health report"

As the description states, this is what the tools does:

Generate a report detailing the status of local hardware resources, system response times, and processes on the local computer along with system information and configuration data. This report includes suggestions for ways to maximize performance and streamline system operation. Membership in the local Administrators group, or equivalent, is the minimum required to run this Data Collector Set.

Despite those two tiny problems, “Generate a system health report” and whole “Resource and Performance Monitor” are really great tools to check a state of your computer and operating system.

Is Windows Mobile the most open mobile operating system today?

Windows Mobile newbie

During last couple of years I had a chance to try almost every popular mobile operating system. That includes Symbian on N95, iOS on iPod Touch and Android on HTC Hero. Couple of weeks ago I’ve got lucky and got HTC HD2 phone with Windows Mobile 6.5. The phone itself is awesome: screen size, CPU speed, memory etc. But this time I would like to write a little review about Windows Mobile and not the phone itself, since this is my first time with this mobile operating system.

Despite the fact I’ve never tried Windows Mobile before, I’ve always thought that it sucks. From the pictures from the internet I’ve got impression that this mobile OS doesn’t’ look good, doesn’t run smoothly and doesn’t have any good software. Well first ones might be correct till 6.5 version of Windows Mobile. Currently it is pretty nice (mostly thanks to HTC Sense). Despite the looks and the feel what impressed me the most is how open this operating system is. Continue reading