Summer vacation in Kos, Greece

This post does not quite fit between other posts on this blog. I guess it is the first and the only post so far which has nothing to do with IT. So, in case you are interested in geeky posts on this blog only, feel free to skip this one. On the other side, if you have any plans spending your next vacation in the Kos island, you might find this post useful.

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After TechEd Europe 2012

It was quite an amazing week I had – spending whole week at Amsterdam, 26-29 days I was attending Microsoft TechEd Europe 2012 conference. Actually, it’s not the first time I’m attending the conference – I was also there two years ago, during TechEd Europe 2010 which took place in Berlin (I’ve already reviewed it on my blog). There are so many impressions I have after this year TechEd so I’ll try sharing few of them with you. Continue reading

Baltic MVP Summit

On 11th -12th days of February I was able to participate in Baltic MVP Summit which took place at Radisson Blu Hotel Latvija in Riga, Latvia. Me excluded, there also were 3 more MVPs from Lithuania, 3 MVPs from Latvia and 5 MVPs from Estonia. There also were couple of DPEs and Alessandro Teglia, CEE MVP Lead, himself.

At the first day of the summit, we started with little introduction. Each of us named our MVP expertise, things we are doing as MVPs and what we expect from this summit. After the launch, we’ve got nice presentation from Alessandro about MVP program. After his presentation, user group presentations took place. I’ve shortly introduced MugIT community/UG which I am one of the two leaders of. Sergėjus Barinovas showed a presentation about another user group in Lithuania that he is running – .NET UG. Estonians talked about the project they have running – Eneta. After a coffee break we had a discussion about GITCA, INETA, UGSS and value of those organizations for user groups. After all official activities for that day were over, we went to restaurant “Garage” where we had really tasty dinner, some wine and lots of chatting about various things.

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After TechEd Europe 2010

It’s been 3 days already when TechEd Europe 2010 is over, but since I’ve got home in the late yesterday’s evening, I’m going to shortly share my experience now.

So, as one of the most active Microsoft Student Partners in Lithuania, I had an opportunity to go TechEd Europe 2010 conference, organized by Microsoft. Since it was the first time I was participating in such a big event, it was very nice experience for me. Continue reading