Compiling and localizing SharePoint Learning Kit v1.5


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  1. Hi Tomas,

    This is great as the next bit I’m going to work on is the localization and I don’t currently know anything about it.

    The documentation is defintely lacking, but it’s finding the time to do it!

    The copy task to mosstransfer shouldn’t really be there. In my setup I build on a machine without SharePoint and then copy over to a SharePoint machine to install.

  2. Hi Tomas,

    Thanks for sharing your work.
    I will try these steps and see if it works out.

    Good news, that Richard wants to repair localization.
    It is indeed in bad shape as it is.

    Kind regards,
    Dolf Gagestein

  3. Hi Tomas,

    Thank’s for your documentation, I still have a problem on the 5th step. I Delete the line:
    But when i launch msbuild command i’ve got an error:
    Build FAILED.

    “c:SourceSlkslk.proj” (default target) (1) ->
    “c:SourceSlkdllslkdll.csproj” (Build target) (2) ->
    (AfterBuild target) ->
    c:SourceSlkdllslkdll.csproj(288,7): error MSB3021: Unable to copy file “b
    in/debug/Microsoft.SharePointLearningKit.pdb” to “mosstransferslkMicrosoft
    .SharePointLearningKit.pdb”. The network path was not found.r

    Do you have a solution? I try a lot of things but nothing solve it.

  4. Hi Tomas Dabasinskas!
    I machine is installed Sharepoint foundation 2010 and Visual Studio. I am finding an document to build SLK in my machine, can you help me?

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  6. Hi, Tomas!
    Thank you very much. Due to your post I translated SLK to russian, and all works fine =))

  7. Hi Thomas,
    Thanks fro the guidelines !
    I am trying to translate SLK 1.5 on sharepoint 2010.
    I tried steps as above, the addsolution step (step 14) succeeded but the deploy solution step failed with the message “Cannot add the specified assembly to the global assembly cache: Microsoft.LearningComponents.resources.dll”
    I did not extracted the xml files through visual studio.
    I just extracted them from the source code zip file downloaded from the codeplex site.
    Can you help on that ?
    Thanks in Advance

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