Creating a workflow for SharePoint Foundation 2010 to automatically copy new documents to organized archive


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  1. Can I publish my MSAccess database application via SharePoint 2010 / WSS 3.0.

    Is it possible that client computer can view and update the database without having to install an MSAccess software?

    I’d been told that choosing SharePoint view for my file, after its publishing would allow this, is this true?


  2. Hi,

    How who I Sharepoint 2010 Admin use the above code..
    I have no developers at my disposal..

    Do I import into SharePoint Designer 2010.
    Must it be deployed as a wsp and activated..

    Appreciate any assistance..

  3. You should not dispose the Context object
    using (var currentSite = SPContext.Current.Web)
    That line is wrong. With the context object, you can open a new object and dispose it.


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