Fixing HTC HD2 freezing while unlocking problem

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  1. Thank you!!! I actually was having a different, although similar issue with the lock screen slider, but this fixed it right away. Instead of setting it to “12”, I simply unchecked the box for “Today Timeout”. Also, I swear I’m noticing less lagging in general through most of the Sense UI after making this change. Thanks again!

      • hey tomas i have a slight different problem i do not know what is up with it. it does not slide at all and i even took out the battery and nothing! sometimes i would have to mess with it to get it working but now it is just not doing it. any suggestions?

  2. Hey Tomas I’m having a similar problem with my HD2, mine when I press my red power button to lock my screen/sleep, and then go to unlock the phone it freezes and i have to do a soft reset just to use it. EVERYTIME i use it. I’ve had the HD2 sience April of this year, and its performed great, but two days ago it froze up, so i flashed it with the newest rom the 3.14, and I also tried the steps you suggested about the today screen timeout, but nothing that I try works. I’ve done a factory hard reset about 4 times in the past couple days, is there anything you might suggest? thanks, Curt

    • Well for starters try disabled Facebook sync (if you’re using one). I’ve heard that sometimes it causes problem. Another thing is that you reflashed your phone with custom ROM so it’s very likely that the problem is related to the ROM.

  3. well after several atempts…. no luck. the rom that i used is a t-mobile update rom, they sent me a text saying that it would help speed up some things on my phone, but it started doing this before i installed the rom. so i used the rom trying to fix the issue. if i disable the auto lock and leave the phone “on” all the time it doesnt “lock up” its only when i lock the screen.

  4. hey my hd2 always freezes after i lock it…i flashed a stock rom and it worked perfect for about 12 hrs…then slowly it became less responsive…and now i have to restart atleast 3 times to access my phone

  5. Some people are never happy! I’ve read about button positions, screen res. , and numerous so called faults …the handsets main down fall is the internal memory 2.2 will address most concerns regarding this issue but astro file manager & app installer are an option should you “need” that app you have no room for…

  6. Hey Tomas thnx a lot !! I was having a very similar issue, sometimes after the phone was sleeping for many hours I would unlock and it would freeze for at least 15 to 30 seconds before the home appeared. Now by unchecking the Today Timeout, I(hope)think the problem is solved, I will test it more and report if it really is a total solution.

  7. Thank you Tomas,
    Removing the tick on Today timeout has worked on my phone :))

  8. This settings works on mine removing the tick mark on the timeout.
    thanks thomas and halil.

  9. hello. my htc hd2 (tmobile) just starting heating up & freezing when i go to unlock using the red phone button – like to wake up the phone it just started doing it & it drains my battery. only thing that helped was taking the battery out. any ideas? my time out thing has been unchecked & the phone only seems to freeze when it heats up near the bottom of it :(

  10. Hi Jolie,

    please let me know if you have any updates on your comments.
    I am facing exactly the same issue. Warming up at the bottom of the phone while in standby -> no way to wake up the screen -> taking the battery of to have it restarted.


  11. Hey Andrew,

    I unchecked the “timeout” box like Tomas stated above & it didn’t really help – phone would wake up if i held down the power button so i didn’t need to pull the battery. I read on another site to uncheck the auto-download on your email account, which i did on my gmail account & my phone was noticably cooler within 20 mins & i haven’t had the problem since – 2-3 days now!! Just sucks because now i have to manually download my email if i want to check it on my phone. Give it a try – hope it helps!


  12. So my phone out the blue did the same thing. Idts the first time. Though. My phone was. Freezing so I took the battery. Out n wen I cut it back on it was stuck on the lock screen froze and wont let me unlock. It pleased. Telll me wat to do

  13. hey. i am having a problem with my phone while unlocking it. the slide works perfectly. but when i type the password and try to unlock, it doesn’t unlock. never displays anything like password is wrong. now the only thing i can do is answering the incoming calls. i have tried a soft reset. but it did nothing. can u please help me?

    • i am currently having the same problem.. can u tell me how u solved this problem ?…please

  14. Hi

    I uploaded windows enery rom, now my phone freezes when i make a call in otherwords no sound in or out. Could someone give me advise.

  15. My HTC HD2 is having freezing problems, and I found the unchecking the “htc sense” option resolve the issue, but the phone looks without life, but because my job I just need it working…

  16. hello,
    i have problem with my htc hd2 after i installed arabic keyboard,,after i restarted it won’t continue loading,it’s freezing when queitly brilliant is showing,can anybody help me??
    thanks in advance.

  17. Hi all, It is simple…

    DO NOT USE RED BUTTON to wake up your phone, use any other hardware button (green, home, windows…) and you will be able to unlock your phone by sliding slider left or right.

    And, replace your digitizer because it will die…

  18. Deyo, that’s not working either. I took the battery out, waited about 3-4 mins and replaced it. it boots then freezes. Can’t slide the unlock to the right and no calls come through…phone’s getting warm too.

  19. i have these freezing problem from 1 weeks ago at first i could open via other keys except red one but today the other keys doesn’t work even!!!
    i live in iran , so i cannot send or connect the main suppliers ,
    one shop in iran told me that you should change the screen and it costs so much!
    i am really sad!
    i did all above jos but again freezing gonna happen
    please help me!!!

  20. googlene HTC hd2 android 4.0.4 I dropped my phone and next day power options are blinking on the screen next day I try to power off its not this time I pressing the power button phone r hang up 30 to 50 mins but all four buttons r working fine.plss fix it sir.

  21. amazing thank you very much i had the same problem was fixed in the same way i cant imagine any relation today time out with screen unlocking thanks again

  22. I have a HD2, i cannot unlock the keypad, after typing in the passcode i click the unlock tab, and it just simple goes back into sleep mode. i’ve romoved the battery to see if that would make a difference, luck,,.. i have taken it to places to see if the could unlock it, but i was told that they would have to reset the phone to be able to bypass the passcode lock, i have valuble info that i cannot loose, so i havent had it done this way… PLEASE HELP!!!

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