Getting Windows Phone 7.8 update on Nokia Lumia phones

The newest update

A few hours ago today, Microsoft started rolling out Windows Phone 7.8 update for Nokia Lumia devices: 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900. The update provides the following features:

  • Customizable sizes of the tiles
  • Updated splash screen, displaying the new Windows Phone 8 logo
  • Updated icons for some built-in Hubs (Games, Office, Store)
  • 20 accent colors (that is double than before)
  • Dynamic Bing wallpaper and lock screen notifications

Anyhow, Microsoft is releasing Windows Phone updates depending on the carrier and the country. That means, Zune might still show that your phone is up-to-date (“Your phone is up to date“), even some users are already reporting they are getting updates.

Forcing the update

The trick below is not new, as it is not some very big secret either. Just follow the steps below to force the update for your phone:

  1. Disable WiFi and DATA connection on you phone. Alternatively, you can enable flight mode
  2. Connect the phone to computer
  3. Launch Zune (if it was not launched automatically)
  4. Navigate to “SETTINGS” page
  5. Click on “UPDATE
  6. Wait 3-6 seconds
  7. Disconnect your computer from the Internet. Some ways to do that:
    • Unplug network cable
    • Disconnect from WiFi network
    • Disable network adapter (this is the one I was using)
  8. Wait few seconds till a new update is found
  9. Connect back to the Internet
  10. Press “Update” button to do the update

To my understanding the reason this works is because Microsoft is doing some extra (country, carrier etc.) checks once it finds a new update. If those checks fail, you get message that there are no new updates available for you. Now if you disconnect from the Internet at a right moment, those checks are skipped and you are prompted with a new update instead.

Be aware that it might not work on the first try, so you should try few times at least. If it still shows that you are using the most recent version, try waiting a little less before disconnecting the Internet. If it shows it was unable to connect to the internet to check for updates, try waiting more before disconnecting.

Getting 7.10.8858.136 on my own Lumia 800

So, since I was not getting the update automatically earlier today, I did the trick above. After few tries, I got prompted for the following Nokia update:

Nokia Update

After getting it installed (it took a while, because a backup is always made before the first update), the firmware version was upgraded to 1750.0823.8852.12439 with the following two changes:

  • Fixes an issue with app purchases in some regions
  • Changes default sync times for email

Once the update got installed, I applied the trick above again, resulting to the 7.10.8783.12 update :

Windows Phone 7.10.8738.12

Cool, few more improvements:

  • Provides support for phones without physical camera buttons
  • Provides other Windows Phone improvements

Anyhow, it’s still not Windows Phone 7.8, so let’s try again. And here it goes, 7.10.8858.136:

Windows Phone 7.10.8858.136

That’s it. My Nokia Lumia 800 is now running Windows Phone 7.8! Feel free to try the method described above to get WP7.8 on your phone as well. The method is perfectly safe (not like some other methods, requiring you to manually push update CAB files to the phone) since you are using the genuine way for the update.

If you face some issues, feel free to let me know in the comments bellow. You can also write a comment if everything works well for you and you successfully update your phone.


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  1. I had been trying for 3 days to get this update. After using this method it took 4 hours and 67 tires but i have this update!

    Thank you so much!

    Everyone Don’t give up!

    -Alex (Nokia Lumia 710)

  2. Worked well for me as well (Nokia Lumia 610, Philippines, Globe-locked). Once you get the timing during the 1st update, use it in the succeeding ones :)

    • i have a 610 too,but it keeps telling me cant check for updates right now,n gives me a restore older software version option,did urs do this too whilst you were tryng?

  3. 1 update with second try
    2 update with about 10th(was getting really frustrated)
    3 update again with 2nd

  4. ohh thnxx alot…thiss trick actly worksss it all jst worked in my 2nd attempt itself jst u need to do is cutoff ur internet connection on 12th second xactly aftr clicking on “ÜPDATE” tab..datz all :)

  5. Worked great! Had seen this trick hidden away elsewhere on the web and followed the method without problem through an update. When rebooting though, I realised that it hadn’t updated to 7.8 so figured it had failed – reading these instructions here I realised that was just one of three updates and I had to repeat it a couple of times! Thanks for the comprehensive detail!

  6. Yes, three “trys” with gradual updates and FINALLY WP 7.8.
    Thanks, Great Instructions

  7. Awesome article buddy! There are many youtube videos on forcing the update but after reading this article I did it! Thank you. You can this to your article for AUSTRALIAN based Nokia Lumia 900 users…

    You will need to follow the steps as above but wait 6-10 seconds depending on ISP speed.

  8. Worked 1st time for every update, before turning off the wlan on my laptop i counted how long it took before i got the NO UPDATE AVAILABLE (14sec) so i tried again and turned the wlan off at 7secs and now happily using wp7.8 cheers!!

  9. I am getting error while updating Lumia 710 . There was a error code 80070424

    • It looks to be an issue with your PC. Does Windows Update is working for you or does it fails with the same code? Are Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) and Windows Update services are running?

  10. Weird, updated, more info in settings says updated to 7.10 but nothing on the phone has changed? Am I doing something totally wrong!

  11. Hi,

    thanks for these informations from Germany.

    I have just updated my Nokia Lumia 800 ( not branded ) from 7.10.8773.98 ( 7.5 ) to the 7.8 Version 7.10.8862.144 with your described method.

    I think it is the latest version with the second update for 7.8 to fix the bugs in 7.8 and i hope this Versions is fixed now.

  12. Do u have to keep taking off the usb cable and putting it back in to update? i have been trying to do that a couple of times still not working ! am i doing something wrong ? (hanna, nokia lumia 610)

  13. Awesome thnx bro u have solved the biggest problem that i was facing with my phone, now jobs done and thank u so much once again :) blessed

  14. Hi would you mind letting me know which webhost you’re
    working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and
    I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most.
    Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a fair price?
    Thank you, I appreciate it!

  15. I update my phone…..but still handshake that usb pin……it will be hanged out

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  17. hi. i’ve read your post and i tried to force my wp to update but it didn’t work.
    i have nokia lumia 610 wp 7.5 .
    before installing zune software on computer,my phone notified me that there were an update to install. i downloaded zune and connected my phone but when i tried to update the errore 8000FFFF appeared and also on my phone update there were no update found. i tried to do what was written in this post but didn’t work.i did it more times and also waited longer in case i have to reconnect to internet after the update appear but it didn’t appear and i have waited even 1-2 min. what should i do?

  18. Iam using lumia 510 mobile in this there is an os 7.8 whitle im trying to update my mobile through pc its showing an error 8000FFFF. so how can i solve this problem..

    how can i update my mobile to lumia 8.0

    please solve my problem

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