Major refresh

If you reading this post, that means you already seeing the new design of my blog. Well, unless you’re reading it via RSS. If that’s the case, feel free to open the post directly to see the changes made.


Idea of refreshing design of my blog was in my head for a while. I really wanted something in Metro style. Unfortunately, there are not so much metro-like themes for WordPress. That’s the ones I was able to find:

The problem was that none of them looked the way I imagined my blog. Also, most of them are not free.

I even start thinking of paying someone to make a Metro theme for my blog, but then I’ve realized that it will take a while and if I want ready-to-use theme – it won’t be cheap either. So, my final decision was to make a them on my own.

The theme you see there is based on the default WordPress theme – “Twenty Eleven”. I’ve took that theme as a core and built the design you see here on top on it. It took me ~10 hours to do that. Personally, I think it’s pretty good solution in such a short time.


Design is not the only thing that was updated on my blog. I had so many problems (I guess you probably noticed that) with my Linux server and I also wanted to try Windows server for WEB sites for a while, I’ve migrated to the Azure. The page is running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Machine in the cloud.

Migration itself was pretty smooth, especially when it’s my first WEB site I’m running on IIS. There were some issues with permissions and permalinks (I’m planning to write about those in the near future) that took me some time to solve. Other than that – everything’s running great.


Even many things are done, there are still few small things in my ToDo list:

  • Create “About” page
  • Create “Contact Me” page
  • Add integration with Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • Fix small design glitches
  • Publish new posts more often

If you see any issues with the new design or have any other ideas/suggestions, it would be great to hear your feedback on the comments below the post.


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    • Thanks!

      Not for now at least. Code of the theme is really ugly and it’s not suitable for universal use. If I ever found time to get it clean, I might share it then.

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