Installing Samba 4 domain controller on Raspberry Pi running Archlinux ARM

Let’s try it

On December 11, 2012, Samba 4 was released, bringing few very interesting features, Active Directory Compatible Server being one of them. What that means is that you can set up Active Directory, supporting Group Policies, Roaming Profiles, replication and other ADDS features without having to use Windows Server.

Finally finding some extra time, I decided to give it a try on my Raspberry Pi which was just lying unused. “The reason to have a domain controller at home, on Raspberry Pi?” you ask? Well, mainly it is “just because I can”.

If you would like to try this as well, here goes a little guide I came up to make the things easier for you.

Installing Archlinux ARM on Raspberry Pi

Installing Archlinux ARM does not really differs from installation of any other Linux distribution on Raspberry Pi, so if you done this before, you can skip this part of the guide. If you did not, here is how to do that:

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Skype 6.1 integration with Outlook doesn’t work

Yesterday (January 10th), Microsoft released new version of Skype – The main feature of this new version is integration with Outlook. That allows you to reach your Skype contacts directly from Outlook, in the same way as you could with Communicator/Lync before. You can see screenshot of this feature in the image above the post.

That was one of the Skype features I was really looking forward, so I got disappointed when I saw it is not working after the update. Also, after doing some searching, I found that I am not the only one having this issue – many people are reporting the same issue on Skype support forums. I though it would be cool to find the cause of this.
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Migrating shares to a different drive on various Windows Server versions

Yesterday I was working on a change to move a shared folder from one drive to another. The original plan was fairly simple:dekor-okno

So, as you see, the plan is indeed simple enough. Anyhow, it did not worked. After successfully going through 1st and 2nd steps, the 3rd step failed. After changing drive letter in the registry, it automatically got reset to the previous one. Since the change window was limited, I had to go with the way I tried to avoid at first – unshare old folder, share a new one and reapply share permissions. It worked because it was a single share I was dealing with. If I would have like 50 shares, recreating each of them manually would take quite long. Therefore today, in my testing environment, I tried to find out why the original idea did not work.

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Installing Windows 8 in UEFI mode from USB

After deciding I want to install Windows 8 in UEFI mode on my new ThinkPad X230T laptop, I found out that it’s not such a straightforward task, especially when USB is used instead of DVD.

So, if your computer supports UEFI (you can find out that by checking the manual or system config menu) and you are planning to do fresh installation of Windows 8, you can do that in UEFI mode following the steps below:

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