Skype 6.1 integration with Outlook doesn’t work


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  1. Thank you very much for the information, the work you put in writing about it, and for providing the quick fix to my registry.

  2. Thx .. that solved a part of my problem.
    The second is, on skype itself, my contacts (outlook) are not shown. But Ive to say that skype shows outlook contacts but not my contacts.

    Do you have any solution?

    • Not sure about that. At least for me it shows contacts only when I sign in to Skype using my account. You can even set a filter to only show contacts by clicking Contacts -> Contacts Lists -> Messenger.

      Maybe you are using Skype account to sign in? Or maybe you have Contacts -> Contacts Lists is set to “Skype”?

  3. Why don’t you include the registry path in your post? No offense, but I don’t think many people want to take a chance downloading a registry file and applying it to their computers.

    • You can always open downloaded REG file with NOTEPAD to see what it actually does. In this case, it does the following:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
      [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareIM Providers]

      Anyways, I included the path of the key to the post as well ;)

      • Hi, I am running Lync 2013 to communicate with my European colleagues via IM. Will changing the Skype registry file interfere with this?

  4. Tomas, many thanks! This made the integration work for me, Win8 Pro 64 bit, Outlook 2013. I see in your blog though that you can pick up landlines from the MAIL page. I can do the same for “Skype” contacts on the mail page, but non-Skype contacts i get “Call: the person’s e-mail address.” If I go to the People page, hover the cursor over a name of a non-Skype contact, I then get the full list of telephone numbers to call through Skype. Shouldn’t all contacts numbers be available on all “People” views???

  5. Hi,

    I’m interesting about skype, because I use samsung s5320 and skype doesnt work anymore. It’s write failed server. Maybe somebody can help me?

  6. Is this solution supposed to work with Win 7, 64-bit and Outlook 2010? I ran the .reg file and nothing appeared to happen. I then manually added the new key, closed and re-opened Outlook, and again, nothing appeared to happen.

    I’m using a different UI than you show in your Outlook screen shot.

  7. Hi, Thanks for your Skype integration post.
    My skype (on my work PC) is working perfectly since i upgraded, but my situation is the opposite, where i don’t want Skype to be integrated with Outlook.
    I use Outlook with our work phone system, and now skype is taking over the integration rather than my work phone system.
    I have tried deleting the entry in regedit “DefaultIMApp” (which is created by Skype), but on restart of PC, it comes back.
    I have scanned through all the advanced skype settings, but cannot prevent it from returning.

    Can you help?

    • Hi,

      I am pretty sure setting DENY on “Set Value” permission for account under which Skype is running (that is, your own account or simply “All users”) for “IM Providers” key should solve the issue for you. I haven’t tried it, though, so I don’t know if it has some side effects (like Skype showing error on startup or something like that).

      Let me know if it works.

      • Hey, Thanks for the reply…
        I tried what you suggested, but with no luck..
        I also tried changing a few other permissions for Skype, but again no luck, Now that Skype is owned by Microsoft, it is more integrated with outlook etc.

        I have found a solution though.

        Instead of deleting the “DefaultIMApp” entry, i changed it’s value from “Skype”, to “Communicator”.


        Thanks for your help,
        Hope this helps others.

  8. Thankyou so much for that, I’ve been here for the past two hours trying to figure out what the problem was!! It’s not the only issues I’m having with Office 2013 though!!

  9. Hi i am using outlook 2010 with skype installed. i am having a prob wwith outlook that when ever i recieve an email there is no sound played even after enabaling it so some one told me about this, when i went to the registry there is none named like Default im app but there is only default one . Plz help

  10. Your registry tweak helped in my case however some contacts still have their status as “presence unknown” because from what I have read on the net, if a contact has used the same email address to create several Skype accounts (i.e several Skype usernames), then his online status will always show as “presence unknown”. Is there a way to get around this?

    In another case (may be related), all my contacts in People and Messaging apps (who are actually Skype contacts) always appear offline. I have been desperately trying to solve that problem but unable to find a solution. Would you know the answer to that? (I am on Windows 8 and Outlook 2013).


  11. Using VS2010 with Skype As mentioned by someone else here, some of my contacts show via Presence and others don’t. My registry already has DefaultIMApp=Skype. It would be very cool if we could use the Contact IM address field to set one or more Skype IDs for any given contact. Is anyone here aware of any such linkage? And dare I ask, is there any way in hell that a patch for O2010 would get issued for this? (Yeah, please don’t laugh too hard.)

    As a developer of both Outlook addins and Skype plugins, I’d be happy to hook this stuff up, if only I knew the exact API points to make it happen.

  12. hi all
    when i change my reg. key on my pc
    and when i open outlook 2010 pro plus and click sent items
    i m taking this error and outlook is crashing (stopped to working)

    Hatalı uygulama adı: OUTLOOK.EXE, sürüm: 14.0.6131.5000, zaman damgası: 0x509b0fb4
    Hatalı modül adı: mspst32.dll, sürüm: 14.0.6131.5000, zaman damgası: 0x509b0f03
    Özel durum kodu: 0xc0000005
    Hata uzaklığı 0x0000000000077977
    Hatalı işlem kimliği: 0x136c
    Uygulama başlangıç zamanı: 0x01ce254886e0c8c6
    Hatalı uygulama yolu: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14OUTLOOK.EXE
    Hatalı modül yolu: C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice14mspst32.dll

    is anybody have information?

    but when i change the defaultIMAPP name like “SKYPE_dummy”
    my outlook is (sent items) working correctly.

    my os win7 pro turkish
    office 2010 pro plus

    thanks and regards.

    • Hi,

      first try running “Repair” on your Office 2010 setup to be sure there are no corruptions with the setup. If it doesn’t help, let me know – we can look into further options.

      • i tried everythink
        i uninstalled office and skype and reinstall but result is same.

        i checked my friends laptop, and its same. when i click sent items and select some mails (randomly) its stopping to working.

        office versiyon 14.0.4730.1010
        skype versiyon

        when i change the reg key its working normally
        what is the problem, i searched on internet but there is nothing :) i think i found this bug. Is anybody test this outlook problem?

        Thanks and regards.

  13. Hi there, am not an IT technical person (at all). I have noticed that Outlook 10 (14.0.6029.1000), Skype 6.1 (6.1.129) and IE 10 do not work well together on one of my machines (I must either switch off Skype or switch off Outlook, but even then IE just hangs and/or does not open tabs or opens them painfully slowly). I also have 2 other lap tops without Outlook and a phone, where both Skype and IE are snappy on the same wireless connection. I tried to re-set autotuning, ECN etc. options for IE – that did not help. Disable add-ons in Outlook – no luck. In Skype I do not have an option to send files to another Skype contact any more – is this normal? I strongly suspect that I have a compatibility issue, but have no idea how to go about resolving it. Please advise if you could, at the very least, where do i need to go… Thank you!!

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  15. Works perfectly!
    Thank you very much!
    Keep in mind though… you have to restart both Outlook and Skype. :)

  16. Thanks ! It works well.

    And DAVID is right: on Outlook 2013 and Skype (last release), you must restart both.

  17. Thanks a bunch! Can’t believe Microsoft hadn’t foreseen this. Didn’t think it would work because I tried lots of things, but I am pleasantly surprised.

  18. HI all,

    I do have Lync installed as part of our corporate build and I would like to continue using it for IM and meetings etc. However I do want the VOIP calls to use SKYPE.. If I change the default IM to Skype will Lync still work or is this a binary choice ?


  19. I was having this problem as well. your simple, clear, helpful instructions fixed it for me! Thanks so much!


  20. thank you so very much. Almost spent $129 for SkyLook with very little hope that it would do what I wanted.

    thanks again

  21. Tried your fix with my 8.1, Outlook 365 and latest Skype version but still no apparent way to import contacts from Outlook 365,, gmail or yahoo. I have never installed Communicator/Lync or any other email programs.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your consideration to entertain this question from a non-it guy

  22. Thanks a lot man. This problem was bugging me. I was wondering what those phone icons were for. They were greyed out all the time. Again Thanks

  23. So if you wanted to just use outlook with a modem to dial a phone number we would just change the word to “communicator” is that what I am getting?


  24. Here’s one for you. contains contacts that have been deleted from Skype. I am unable to delete them from and they are not present in Skype. Any ideas on how to rid myself of these contacts? The problem is that when I copied the my regular contacts into, any that were already in Skype wouldn’t show up on my phone. Only the Skype ones would. So Skype contacts were bumping Outlook contacts out of the sync.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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