Summer vacation in Kos, Greece

This post does not quite fit between other posts on this blog. I guess it is the first and the only post so far which has nothing to do with IT. So, in case you are interested in geeky posts on this blog only, feel free to skip this one. On the other side, if you have any plans spending your next vacation in the Kos island, you might find this post useful.


Kos is a quite small (40×8 kilometers) Greece island, located only 4 kilometers from Turkey. It is a great place for a summer vacation – during our stay, the temperature there was 33°C – 36°C with no raining or clouds. It got a little windy during last day of our stay (we spent 7 days there), though.

There are quite a lot beaches on the island. A little problem is that many of them (especially the smaller ones) are not very sandy and have many rocks on the shores. Anyhow, the one we spent most time on – Kardamena Beach – had no rocks. Owners of seashore bars offer sunbeds with umbrellas for 5 euros for two persons. Since the time you can spend there is unlimited and it is much more comfortable then lying on a towel placed directly on the sand, it was a pretty good price.

Talking about prices, before arriving to the island I though they would be a bit higher. We were using buses to travel to different places of the island and the price to drive to whole different end of the island was about 4 euros per person. As for the food, you can get quite copious lunch with drinks for two persons for about 15 euros.

Few other things we noticed about the island:

We were staying in a small hotel named Sunny View. The hotel is owned by a family, dealing with hotel business in Kos for more then 40 years.

The things we liked about the hotel:

Also, the owner of the hotel does barbeque every Tuesday evening, priced 12 Euros per person. The idea itself is quite nice, but we did not attend it since we were late to came back from the Kos city.

Besides the nice things I have listed above, there were a few small things we did not quite like:

Also, due to mosquitoes we had almost no sleep during our first day of stay. I did not even imagine there could be so many of them in such location. Luckily, after buying some things against mosquitoes, we could sleep quite well the remaining nights. Anyhow, I have counted over 80 bits of mosquitoes on my single foot, so it probably was over 200 on my body over one night.

The first thing we bought after landing in the Kos Airport was a map with all places that are worth to be visited marked. Since most of the objects were located in Kos city, we dedicated a whole day to drive there and visit them.

The photo you see above is from the ancient market – Agora. It was quite a large space with many of ruins. We also visited Xisto (ancient Hellenistic gymnasium), Odeon amphitheater, Hippocrates tree (Greek people says Hippocrates used to sit under that tree). We also wanted to visit Knights Castle, but unfortunately it was closed.

One place you cannot miss while being in Kos island is Thermes. It is a small sea pool (split from the sea by rocks) in which water temperature is 40°C – 50°C. It was a great experience laying in such hot water of the sea – not something you can find in every island or country.

We also dedicated a day to sail to Nisyros island. It is a small (only ~40km2) volcanic island not far from Kos. What we really liked there when compared to Kos was the feel of real Greek culture – the streets and the houses there were very nook. Some people were even staying at hotels on the island, but staying there for a week might become boring – Kos is a much better choice, I think.

Before the vacation, I made a list of Greek dishes, hoping to try as many as possible of them. Anyhow, the plan did not went too well and I have tried only few of them:

As for the drinks, that I tried:

Summing everything up, the vacation was great: the weather was nice, the island was quite nice too (despite abandoned buildings and litters) and the food was tasty too. If you are looking for a place in Europe to spend you vacation in, Kos is quite a good choice.


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  2. Greek Kebab!!!!
    The nerve!

    A kebab is a ripoff of a Greek “Yeeros”.

    Yes Kos is beautiful.

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