Show dynamic distribution groups in “All Groups” address list on Exchange 2010

By default on “Microsoft Exchange 2010” server, “All Groups” default address list contains only static distribution groups. That might be misleading for some users: in default “Global Address List” (GAL) user sees more groups then he does when selecting “All groups” because dynamic distribution groups aren’t listed here. If we want to both static and dynamic distribution groups be listed in “All Groups” address list, we can achieve it by following these steps Continue reading

Configuring Live@Edu access via POP3/IMAP

This year we started to deploy Microsoft Live@Edu service at our university. It not easy to make all students to switch to Live@Edu. Many of them already have other emails (included our university official one). One thing some students (me included) would like to do is to add their new Live@Edu email account to Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email client. Of course, Live@Edu provides Exchange email account which is easy to add to those email clients. Problem is if you want to add this account to GMail or Live Mail since you have to know all the POP3/IMAP settings. So, if anyone would like to add their Live@Edu email via POP3 or IMAP, there are the settings. Continue reading