Enable FLAC support on Windows 8

Windows has been lacking of FLAC support since the very first version. For those who do not know, FLAC is an open lossless audio format. Even Microsoft supports many audio formats out of the box, FLAC was never supported and it is still not even in Windows 8. And since Windows 8 already hit RC version, it is very unlikely we see the support implemented in the RTM version, even users <a href="http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-sound/metro-music-include-flac-codec-before-rtm/69d0e115-41bc-4473-97cd-58ac615a58cb?msgId=07315c50-6bd7-4143-b289-e91c8605e9b5" onclick="__gaTracker('send', 'event', 'outbound-article', 'http://answers.microsoft .com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-sound/metro-music-include-flac-codec-before-rtm/69d0e115-41bc-4473-97cd-58ac615a58cb?msgId=07315c50-6bd7-4143-b289-e91c8605e9b5′, ‘are’);”>are requesting for that.

Even currently there is nothing you can do to get FLAC support in Windows 8 Music application (due to no support of additional codecs), there is still something you can do to get FLAC support in Windows File Explorer and Windows Media Player.

If you are planning to listen your FLAC collection using Windows Media Player, there are two things you will need:rpk-tramplin

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Look Ma, I’m using PowerShell


Couple of days ago I’ve decided to filter some of my music and upload it to my HTC HD2. I was using Windows Media Player (WMP) for that. I haven’t noticed that WMP converted all uploaded songs to WMA. Problem was that many of uploaded files were unable to play on my phone (neither by using HTC Player nor WMMP). I decided to upload all my favorite songs (ones I’ve already filtered before) one more time but this time directly to my MicroSD card as MP3. The worst thing was that I haven’t all my filtered songs (well just the ones in WMA and that’s not what I need). What makes it more complicated is that many of my songs ware stored as FLACs on my HDD, therefore I would need to convert them manually to. I couldn’t call myself an IT guy if I wouldn’t come up with idea to write a script to automatize entire process of filtering, converting and copying all songs I want to have on my phone to one place. Continue reading