Fixing HTC HD2 freezing while unlocking problem

In those few months I have HTC HD2 there was one problem that was driving me nuts. Sometimes, after trying to unlock the phone (I mean moving slider to the left/right while phone is in sleep mode) it was freezing and I had to wait about one minute until I could use it again.

Since I was almost sure that the problem is related to HTC Sense and not Windows Mobile or HD2 itself, I’ve decided to take a deep look to some Sense settings. There was one particular setting I found that solved my problems. Just navigate to:
Start -> Settings -> Menu -> All Settings -> Today -> Items
And change “Today Timeout” value to the maximum one – “12 hr”.

At first I thought that this setting would only decrease number of times this freezing occurs day. Actually it’s been couple of days I had no unlock freezes after I applied this setting. If you’re experiencing the same problem try to make those changes and let me know if it solved the problem.Ремонт бетонного пола

Is Windows Mobile the most open mobile operating system today?

Windows Mobile newbie

During last couple of years I had a chance to try almost every popular mobile operating system. That includes Symbian on N95, iOS on iPod Touch and Android on HTC Hero. Couple of weeks ago I’ve got lucky and got HTC HD2 phone with Windows Mobile 6.5. The phone itself is awesome: screen size, CPU speed, memory etc. But this time I would like to write a little review about Windows Mobile and not the phone itself, since this is my first time with this mobile operating system.

Despite the fact I’ve never tried Windows Mobile before, I’ve always thought that it sucks. From the pictures from the internet I’ve got impression that this mobile OS doesn’t’ look good, doesn’t run smoothly and doesn’t have any good software. Well first ones might be correct till 6.5 version of Windows Mobile. Currently it is pretty nice (mostly thanks to HTC Sense). Despite the looks and the feel what impressed me the most is how open this operating system is. Continue reading