Fixing AutoCad 2008 not starting problem

Couple of days ago strange thing happened. There are some classes at my university that had AutoCad 2008 freshly installed. Day before everything was working fine but next day suddenly AutoCad just stopped working. No error, no log – nothing . When user clicks on AutoCad executable nothing happens. We found out that it only happens for limited users only. So we guessed that the problem is probably related to some permissions of the files AutoCad tries to modify. It wasn’t AutoCad folder neither from “Program Files” nor “Common Files” since users already had modifications rights to those folders.

Since personally I’m a big fan of SysInternals tools, I’ve decided to use one of the best utilities available for Windows troubleshooting – Process Monitor. That’s all we needed. I’ve ran the tool and saw lot’s of “ACCESS DENIED” errors to “C:\Windows\Temp” folder. After adding modification rights to this folder for users, AutoCad started working again.

Though the solution of the problem is very simple and there isn’t nothing very geeky about it, I just wanted to post it here for someone (me included) who might need to troubleshoot the same problem in the future. It would save some time knowing what permissions and where AutoCad is really missing.почему одинаковые на внешний вид дома имеют разную цену?

Count number of users who logged on to workstation in the last month (with Batch script)

Recently, at my job, I had a task to write script/program to count how many users had logged to workstation in the last month. While my colleague tried to complete this task with C#, I’ve decided to use old good Batch. In fact, I was thinking about using PowerShell at first, but since all computers this script will be run in are running Windows XP and do not have PowerShell installed.

To accomplish what I want I’ve found out about VBS script called EVENTQUERY which exists in Windows XP. After reading documentation I’ve decided that it would allow me to do exactly what I need. Though the script that relies on EVENTQUERY.VBS file, it wouldn’t work on newer Windows OS (Vista, Windows XP), but it wouldn’t cause any problems since, as I’ve mentioned before, all computers this script will be deployed to runs on Windows XP. If I would need it to work on Windows 7 later, I’m probably gonna use PsLogList from SysInternals. Continue reading