The new beginning

Since July 2010 I’m one of Microsoft`s MVPs in Windows Desktop Experience category. I’m really exited about this award and ready to work even more to keep MVP status for more than a year.

Currently, I have a local blog named WinBlog. Also I write a lot to our local community portal named MugIT, which I’m one of the co-founders of . Since I would like to reach a wider audience, I decided to have this little blog where I could share my knowledge in English. While I try to share as much content as I can on my local sites, I’m thinking of writing less here but keeping my posts more informative and useful. Most articles here should be technical and related to my MVP category – Windows Desktop Experience.

By the way, as you’ve probably already noticed, my English is far from perfect. but hope you will be able to understand everything. Feel free to correct my spelling/grammar in the comments since it would help me to improve my English.Штукатурка стен цементно песчаным раствором

So, that was a little introduction of this blog and myself. See you all in the next post.

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