Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer

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  1. Hi Tomas. Can you tell, is there many questions connected with version 5.3 on the real exam? I want to pass the exam in the nearest future. But just like you I haven’t done a lot of projects with version 5.3 of PHP.

  2. Sorry, Dmitry, I don’t remember number of questions related to PHP 5.3. Anyhow, since this is PHP 5.3 exam, you should at least be familiar with new features of PHP 5.3.

  3. Ohh nice :)…!

    Congratulation dear friend….!
    I’ve little question.

    Friend, some of zend question consist on block of code. so we are track right solution or answer by just guessing? or we are able to test the block of code?

  4. I most certenly like this angle that you have on the subject. I wasnt thinking on this at the time I begun browsing for tips. Your ideas were totally easy to get. Im glad to find out that there’s an individual online that obviously understands on the spot what its is talking about.

  5. Dear Tomas,
    1) After completing exam question? result display on screen? or maybe Zend submit email ?

    2) dear, any idea what is percentage for pass this exam?

    • Thing is that the exam I took was beta. That’s why I had to wait a month to see the results. Now you should see your result on the screen right after you complete the test.

      As for the % you have to score to pass – I don’t know.

    • Dear Ahmed, actually, the result is only pass/fail. they never display any result details.
      I am very happy I was the first to get such certificate in Rwanda(The East African country).
      you can browse my profile here:
      About the questions, you need to understand the the concepts of php from scratch up to advanced topics. the most important one from my experience are OOPS, XML, STRAMING, ARRAYS and new php 5.3 features. I had more than 4 months to prepare the exam since it is more difficult to find a dump for zend exams.
      Good luck for those who gonna try and make sure u understand the basics first.

  6. Hi friend Can tomas can u tell me How did u prepare to exam.Did u buy any tutorial or books?

  7. Hi Tomas,

    First of congrats for your certification.

    Tomas as you said in your blog that “you filled the online survey and got selected to get this examination for free”, so can you tell me can we appear for certification with free of cost, if yes then how.

  8. I am planning to give Zend Php certification exam. I have studied from PHp manual and Zend Study Guide.

    Can anyone help me in the providing some gud sites where i can get the dumps. I also want to know the difficulty level of this exam.

  9. Hey Tomas congrats. It’s a great achievement. I have learned the basic components of html,php-3 and basic system of database related topics using apache. But I’m not sure is it possible for me to train myself in PHP 5.3 with the guide of zend. And how long it’ll take to make myself prepare for the exam. What d you think?

  10. My congratilations Sr.

    Had discovered that I actualy don’t know nothing about how many mistakes are avalible to pass the exam and what the exact policy about mistakes? I read much information around the internet but still don’t found answer on this question.
    Can you please explain that?
    And also interesting did you saw your mistakes after you end exam? If so, how many mistakes did you do, Thomas?

  11. hy tomas….
    if i dont pass in the exam,can i participate in the exam..for free or i have to register again…please tell

  12. Hi , congratulations on your success. Now i am also interested to give the php 5.3 exam. Please give me some suggestions for it.

  13. Hi Thomas,

    I found no material available for PHP 5.3 Certification Exam. Actually I want to prepare in a managed way but no way found, and all I gets response is Go through PHP Manual But as you know its quite Big, one Can not go every Topic with their user posts.

    Please Give me Proper suggestion to start with.


  14. Hi Thomas

    Iam looking a Zend Certified Engineer with Drupal for one of our job opening; can please give me suggestions from where i can get the relevant candidates. (Job portals are not sufficient) Thanks & Regards Reena

  15. i am also interested to give the php exam. Please give me some suggestions for it. And what is total cost for it.and Can i get it from any private classes or organisation.

  16. Congratulations! Thomas. Is it important to have some training from some institute or can I prepare myself for the zend certification exam?

  17. For those of you wishing to write Zend Certification for PHP 5.3, here are a few tips

    There are a total of 70 questions. Mostly in PHP5. Learn the following sections
    Reflection, Streams,string functions, DOM, XML, PDO etc.

    There will be Multiple choice questions. In most cases you have to choose 1 correct answer, in some cases the question will say (Choose 2) etc. There will also be questions where we have to write the answers. Mostly this can be a function and we need to write the output.

    Zend does not let us know how many correct answers we get, but my guess is 70% which is normal pass grade, so at-least 49 questions need to be correctly answered (again this is my guess)

    As of Mar/24/2013 there are 9383 certified engineers.
    Source: http://pastebin.com/VBPEaCGe
    My Certificate Link: http://www.zend.com/en/yellow-pages#show-ClientCandidateID=ZEND006122

    :) trust me.. totally worth the effort

  18. Congrats for clearing the exam. And also thanks for sharing your experience with us. I find the guide very informative and would be useful to one who is looking ahead to give this exam.

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